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Wednesday, November 3, 2010 | announcements & events

Job opening: Species at Risk Recovery Planner


Summit Park (photo by Emrys Miller)

We are looking for a new full-time staff member to join our team!
The GOERT Species at Risk Recovery Planner will bring their species at risk recovery planning skills and expertise to the GOERT Society. Working with other experts in rare plants, animals and invertebrates, the Planner will play a lead role in recovery planning for the many species at risk reliant on Garry oak or associated ecosystems. Responsibilities include: fieldwork to collect data on rare species and habitats, developing recovery planning documents, sharing information with partners and managing species at risk related projects.
Graduation with a degree from a recognized university in an environmental science or natural resource management field related to the responsibilities of the position. Preference may be given to candidates with higher education in a related field.
• Experience managing complex projects involving coordination of multiple internal and external parties;
• Experience in drafting species at risk recovery planning documents (e.g. recovery strategies, action plans, and management plans);
• Experience conducting fieldwork related to the recovery of species at risk; and
• Experience in managing finances, including contracts.
Please note: This is important — the screening board cannot make assumptions about your experience. It is important that candidates clearly demonstrate to what degree they meet the above experience elements, giving detailed examples for EACH element.

• Knowledge of conservation biology;
• Knowledge of federal and provincial environmental legislation pertinent to species at risk in British Columbia;
• Knowledge of Geographic Information System uses in biology;
• Knowledge of financial management including contract management.
• Ability to develop and deliver multidisciplinary resource management programs;
• Ability to work effectively with others as a leader, partner and team member;
• Ability to multi-task and adapt to changing priorities and workload;
• Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing; and
• Ability to effectively use computer software in a manner related to the duties of this position.
Personal Suitability
• A leader who personally connects with people, makes things happen, is dependable, adaptable and strives for excellence.
Operational Requirements
• Willingness and ability to work and travel in varied terrain and weather conditions within the region (i.e. coastal Garry oak ecosystems).
• Willingness and availability to work varied hours, weekends, and statutory holidays as required.
• Possess and maintain a valid driver’s license and be willing and able to operate vehicles and machinery related to this position (including either personal or rental vehicles).
• Willingness to work in a busy work environment with distractions and interruptions.
Detailed Statement of Duties
The GOERT Species at Risk Recovery Planner will provide species at risk recovery planning leadership. The position works closely with GOERT’s Recovery Implementation Groups (RIGs), particularly the three (3) species at risk RIGS to ensure that their efforts are coordinated and working toward the goals and objectives outlined in the umbrella GOERT strategy related to species at risk. Engaging, consulting, and providing species at risk information and support to other partners will be done in collaboration with GOERT’s Species at Risk Outreach Specialist and Conservation Specialists. The position also works with other GOERT staff on project coordination and implementation.
Key duties include:
• Preparing species at risk recovery planning documents (status reports, recovery strategies, action plans and management plans) as per GOERT’s umbrella recovery strategy;
• Ensuring internal and external consultation on species at risk planning elements are conducted in an equitable and timely manner;
• Ensuring species at risk data is centrally managed;
• Participating on GOERT Species at Risk RIGs;
• Establishing new partnerships as needed and managing existing partnerships;
• Completing required species at risk inventory;
• Species at risk critical habitat identification, delineation, mapping, description and monitoring;
• Development of project funding submissions, project implementation and reporting;
• Effectively communicating internally and externally on project developments;
• Financial management; and
• Actively participating as part of the GOERT staff team undertaking other related duties as required by the GOERT Program Manager.
Detailed Description of Position
1) Draft Species at Risk Recovery Planning Documents (60%)
• As outlined in GOERT’s umbrella recovery strategy, prepare status reports, recovery strategies, management plans and action plans for species at risk which GOERT has identified it will take the planning lead on.
• Work with recovery team and species at risk specialists to incorporate the best available information into recovery planning documents.
• Contract specialists as required to prepare recovery planning documents.
• Facilitate species at risk recovery planning meetings to review recovery planning documents with GOERT members.
• Conduct or manage needed research, inventory, fieldwork and critical habitat mapping for GOERT species at risk.
2) Species at Risk Consultation (20%)
• Engage landholders, other stakeholders and public audiences in gaining support for GOERT’s species at risk planning and recovery efforts.
• Engage local government and conservancy partners in species at risk recovery planning.
• Hold meetings and workshops/training for partners on species at risk as needed.
• Work with and build support of other partners, including federal and provincial governments, First Nations, industry and educational institutes.
3) Species at Risk Database Management (10%)
• Manage all species at risk information in GOERT’s computer network and GIS, including critical habitat data, inventory, consultation records, species at risk occurrence data, recovery planning document drafts and history of draft evolution. Prepare and maintain adequate metadata for all species at risk files.
4) Work with Other GOERT Staff (10%)
• Assist the Program Manager as required and serve as a member of the staff team.
• Assist with providing outreach tools and information to partners.
• Contribute to GOERT budgets, workplans, progress reports and annual reports, including developing and administering funding.
• Contribute to revisions to the umbrella ecosystems recovery strategy as required.
• Work with the Species at Risk Outreach Specialist and Conservation Specialists (and others as needed) on species at risk related projects and outreach.
• Assist the Program Manager in developing and supporting communication and sharing of scientific information among those involved in conservation of Garry oak and related ecosystems in BC and elsewhere.
This is a full-time position with a competitive salary. Anticipated start date January 10, 2011. Qualified candidates are invited to apply, in confidence, by emailing your resume with a covering letter by November 23, 2010 to Shyanne Smith, Program Manager, shyanne.smith@goert.ca.
Please note: Email applications are preferred. Please include “Recovery Planner” in your subject line and include your name in the title of all attachments. Receipt of all applications will be confirmed by email. While the interest of all applicants is appreciated, only those candidates requested for an interview will be otherwise contacted.
Download PDF version (PDF 113KB).


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