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Wednesday, May 4, 2011 | announcements & events

Red Paint, Dirty Fingernails, and Smiles

children's art supplies

Some of the children’s art supplies we have purchased through the Thrifty Foods Smile Card Program with your help

It was 12 months ago that we asked you to help connect children with nature through hands-on learning activities. By shopping at Thrifty Foods with Smile Cards coded for GOERT you raised a whopping $1,518.80. Thank you!

As planned, we used the money you generated to create a Children’s Activity Centre. At upcoming events, children ages 7 to 12 will learn observation skills, how to care for plants, and why native habitat is important to their community. The art- and science-based activities will create enthusiasm to interact with nature, encourage creativity, and may even produce keen botanists who will one day work at GOERT!

In an upcoming story you will see a photo of the children at play and some of their artwork. Pictured above are some of the quality painting, drawing, sketching, and colouring supplies you purchased for them. What you don’t see is the new education web page which is being designed now, the clay pots, potting soil, native plant seedlings, and additional consumable supplies.

Please keep using your Smile Cards. In the upcoming year we’d like to raise the maximum amount of $1500 to enhance the Children’s Activity Centre, raise funds for our Bring Back the Bluebirds campaign, and create a colouring book with a local illustrator. You can make this happen! Contact us at info@goert.ca if you have an idea for an activity or if you’d like more Smile Cards for yourself or to give as gifts. Every time you shop with them, a 5% donation will go to GOERT, at no cost to you.


About the Smile Card Program
The Thrifty Foods Smile Card Program provides an easy way for you to help us raise funds between now and May 2012. Here’s how it works: request a card from GOERT, load it with enough cash to cover your shopping expenses, and Thrifty Foods will donate 5% to GOERT every time the card is used, at no cost to you.


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