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Wednesday, January 27, 2010 | announcements & events

Help us raise funds with Smile Cards

GOERT staff member Kersti Vaino flashes a Thrifty Foods smile (photo by Carolyn Masson)

Staff member Kersti Vaino flashes a Thrifty Foods smile (photo by Carolyn Masson)

GOERT’s Kersti Vaino is flashing the Thrifty smile because since October 1st, you have helped us raise $554 through using your Smile Cards. Thanks to you, we are buying these restoration tools for Kersti and crew: wire fencing, heavy duty pliers with wire cutters, zap straps and rebar, PVC piping, and metal spikes. These items will get lots of use in our restoration projects and will be shared with partner organizations.


Our goal is to make full use of the program and raise the maximum $2000 by May so that we can buy everything on our wish list (see below). If you haven’t got one already, please contact Betsy at 250-383-3447 or finance@goert.ca for your Smile Card, and every time you shop with it, a 5% donation will go to GOERT, at no cost to you.
Going skiing? Buying Valentine’s gifts?
Did you know you can pay for Mt. Washington ski passes with a Smile Card? In February use the card for Valentine’s chocolates and flowers, and a pre-loaded Smile Card makes a great gift any time.
About the Smile Card Program
GOERT has joined the Thrifty Foods Smile Card program, which provides an easy way for you to help us raise funds between now and May 2010. Here’s how it works: request a card from GOERT, load it with enough cash to cover your shopping expenses, and Thrifty Foods will donate to GOERT every time the card is used, at no cost to you. So far we have raised $554 out of a maximum $2000. Our program ends in May, so please help us reach the maximum by then! (Please hang onto your cards after May though, as we will be re-applying and we’ll notify you when the cards are active again).
How does the Smile Card work?
Take your Smile Card to the Customer Service desk at Thrifty’s and load it with enough cash to cover several shopping trips. Your card will be credited 100% and Thrifty Foods will credit GOERT with an additional 5% on your behalf. When your card is empty, load it again. GOERT will receive another 5% donation and you will never be out of pocket. Use your Smile Card at any Thrifty Foods.
How can I get a card?
Contact Betsy Rose at finance@goert.ca or 250-383-3447. We encourage you to ask for cards for yourself and for family members and friends who shop at Thrifty Foods and who want to make real environmental changes. Many people give loaded Smile Cards to family and friends as gifts.
I can no longer use this card. Can it be recycled?
Please return unused cards to any GOERT staff member or mail them to Betsy at the GOERT office. If there is money remaining on the card we will use it for volunteer appreciation. If no money remains on the card it will be used by a new GOERT supporter. None of your personal information is stored on the card.
Wish List for Restoration Projects
• 2 hook knives or carpet knives
• 2 dandelion weeding tools
• 2 sets of loppers (up to 12 sets needed)
• 2 sets of secateurs (up to 12 sets needed)
• Saw
• Trowels (for planting grass plugs)
• 2 long poles (for sides of broom stretcher)
• Large plastic tub & lid or hockey bag for storing tools
• 2 – 12 pr gloves
• 2 – 12 safety vests
• Hard hats (required at some work sites)
• Gas powered weed whacker (we need a gas-powered model for remote sites)
• Several large tarps (one smaller one for the stretcher and the remaining ones for storing broom)
• A bucket or water backpack (as per fire regulations)
• A shovel
• A rake (for removing thatch)
• Heavy-duty contractor garbage bags
• Wheelbarrow (to make transport of filled garbage bags easier)
• Page wire fencing (as wide as possible – up to 8 feet)
• Small-gauge wire fencing (~1-2 feet wide)
• Heavy duty pliers with wire cutters
• Rebar or metallic garden stakes
• Twine, zap straps or twist ties (to assemble fencing and the stretcher)
• PVC piping (for photo plot frame)
• More metal stakes (8”) (to mark the corners of the photo plots)
• A tripod (for photographing rare plants close-up)
• zinc tags (2”x3” or 3”x4” if possible), wire and screws


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